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Rojimouse's icon journal:


16 January
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This journal is rojimouse's place for dumping of icons, headers, banners, wallpapers, and any other artsy-stuff she might make. It is NOT her personal journal, and should not be treated thusly. 'Cause it's not!

Also, I am a SLASH addict, and spend most of my breathable air gasping over hot gay sex fics. Yes, it is to weep. But, oddly enough, I'm happy! *g* As a warning, this LJ will mostly only contain slash-related work, with various TV and movie characters in the main, active roles. If this offends you, LEAVE NOW!

RULES and REGULATIONS and RELATED THREATS [a.k.a. the proper use of this journal's content]:
+DO NOT ALTER, REDISTRIBUTE, or HOTLINK! Ever! Seriously! Will hire gunmen!
++Do not claim as your own work, as I've actually put some sweat and heart into these, and it's plain unfair and rude. And cheating!
+++Do not post icons anywhere other than LJ! Yes, Xanga, that means you!
++++When taking, ALWAYS follow the accompanying rules of each post. These mostly regard crediting and abuse-control matters.

R E S O U R C E S :
Sadly and rather pathetically, none of the brushes, textures, gradients, etc, I've used and am using have come from my own brain. I shamelessly snag them from the greater people who make and post them at 100x100_brushes, and I will never stop praising their awsomeness! Here are my current providers, in the order I found them:

1591, cosmo_mouse, firaga, ladylenne, ___3ppl, liminalstate, __candyrain, daughterofsnape, fluffy_monster, miggy, amore, dj43, fritters, lemonrocket, any_otherday, dreamxbeat, gaelic_aoife, my_wonderful, braggadocio_org, eightyfour, dearest, noloversfool, brokenicon, emoico, goth_dark, oilysheep, cala_jane, eraseingthegirl, i_consent, okayicons, calidearie, fadeastride, ingenu0us, quiettype, cdg_brushes, feiticeiraicons, joli_papier, endlessdeep, colortone, filipinoz_blue, kalijean, rough_draft__, saltsweetbitter, unioncity, september_icons, unmasked_icons, soporifical, vodkaandirony, quarefaces, wya85, starbrrygashs, zoologique, stargarden, neke, fourkicks, syndarys, theatresphynx, tragic_icons, x_ohmyfluffy, trash_graphics, smilles, iroka, desiderio, masquerademasks, boogieland, sheld0n, dontlickit, tsukicon, glass_prism, ewanism, 77words, arisubox, boogieland, hexicons, weapon_icons, methystia, scarsonchest, nylka, asya_17, merlyn_temple

Also, incredibly beautiful things from OXONIENSIS-ART and BRUNO'S HONEYPOT, COLORFILTER, ECHOICA.

I realise that some of those user names are crossed out, but since I don't know where or how to contact the owners, I have no choice but to put them up like this. If your are one of those unfortunate souls, or know one of them, please let me know the new name so I can fix things. Thanks, and sorry to the unfortunate souls.

F A N D O M S :
♥ OZ -p a i r i n g: Tobias Beecher/Chris Keller
♥ SGA -p a i r i n g: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
♥ Queer as Folk -p a i r i n g: Ben Bruckner/Michael Novotny
♥ HP -p a i r i n g s: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin
Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy
♥ Brokeback Mountain -p a i r i n g: Ennis Del Mar/Jack Twist
♥ Vampire Chronicles -p a i r i n g: Lestat de Lioncourt/Louis du Point du Lac
♥ The Pretenders -p a i r i n g: Lord Brett Sinclair/Danny Wilde
♥ The OC -p a i r i n g: Seth Cohen/Ryan Atwood

F R I E N D I N G :
Is very much open and welcomed, and I'll almost certainly friend you back if we have something in common.

R E Q U E S T S :
Are open, but please try to keep withing the fandoms I've mentioned. I'll try out anything, but I can't guarantee quality if I'm not familiar with the characters. As long as it's a show/movie I've seen and liked, it's fine! The post for requests is HERE.

seldom_icons's header was made by me, rojimouse, using textures by elli and brushes by ewanism. Base layour from aeval, with modifications by me. Background pattern from _iconographer.